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The time to start learning to trade is now, there has not been a better time. Decide to take the leap and change your life by joining our community of traders.

How To Join? 

We have 3 options to cater to all budgets and learning styles

Course Program

The course program is a cheaper alternative to gain access to our full Rule based Smart money strategy and all extra content such as: Weekly outlooks, 

Trade ideas and Breakdowns and plenty more.

Vertex Bootcamp

This is a live 2 day event via Zoom where you are taught our full Rule based Smart money concept strategy live. Following this you gain access to our mentorship program for ongoing support and access to the mentors.

Mentorship Program

This is a one off fee to Join the Mentorship program.

By Joining you get access to our full curriculum along with all future updates as well as direct access to the mentors.




The Vertex Team




What you'll learn

With our trade membership, you will have access to several hours of video content as well as written content to tailor to your learning needs. 

Not only this, you will have access to monthly webinars where previous market movements are discussed alongside potential projections. As well as having the chance to ask the mentors live any queries you may have.

All three mentors share potential setups and you will have access to full pair breakdowns explaining all components of the setup.

 You will also have full access to the exclusive Vertex Investing Discord Server.

You will also receive all future updates for free.

Learning tailored to you

At Vertex the overall aim is to tailor to your learning. For this reason, Vertex runs a 2 day Live Bootcamp via Zoom.

You will get taught our high Risk to Reward trading strategy using smart money concepts live by the Vertex mentors.

However, it doesn't stop there! 

You will gain full access to our trade membership where you can have access to our videos and written content to further consolidate your knowledge. 

You will also have access to the exclusive Vertex Investing Discord server.

You will also receive all future updates for free.

What people are saying


“where can i start.. the guys at vertex investing instantly make you feel safe and supported. this is the main thing when looking for the right mentors and community. i have just attended the 2 day boot camp and it was fantastic to say the least! i could go on and on but to keep it as short as possible.. i would highly recommend them to anyone, theres no BS unlike a lot of the FX market educators, the trading methods they teach have genuinely opened up my eyes and they have mad a very complex way of trading easier by a strict ruleset. the value alone from the community is where you would thank yourself later for joining them.”