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The time to start learning to trade is now, there has not been a better time. Decide to take the leap and change your life by joining our community of traders


Joining the Vertex Investing, not only gives you access to several hours of content of our tried and tested strategies, but you also gain access to our growing community of traders. 

At Vertex, we are aware that one shoe does not fit all. One strategy may not suit everyone. How individuals view the market is subjective. So, we provide access to the statistically proven strategies of long term edges for students to utilise. We want you to discover who you as a trader.

Our strategies range from mechanical strategies to Smart money concepts. 

Risk to reward is our focus. 

We will show you how to achieve a phenomenal risk to rewards with our rule-based methods. We take out the discretion and trade based on facts and statistics.

Our support is personalised, we are very proud of how we as mentors interact with our students and aim to bring the best out of everyone who joins us. 

In our Vertex community, we are a family. We a well-knit group of successful traders and there is a place for everyone to develop and grow into the trader they aspire to be. Our passion in trading is what brings us together and its the community which aids development. 


About us 

Vertex Investing is comprised of three traders based in the UK, Ben, Tanz and James. They are experienced professional traders and have been in some of the biggest companies in the industry. Between them they have came together to provide something that hasn't really been done before.

Tanz, a mechanical trader and Ben, a technical trader and James being a hybrid of both styles have come together to bring their value into one umbrella. This is really unique within the industry and gives their clients an aspect that nobody else can say they provide. They provide a mix of the three styles and have combined strategies that really do make a difference.

Their only goal is to teach high quality Forex education at the fraction of the average price within the industry. Unlike others they offer their own personal support throughout the duration of your journey.




At Vertex, we encourage you to develop goals and we aim to aid you into achieving them. Our content and support is unrivalled and our full focus is on your development.

With our full trade membership, you will receive access to several videos and written content teaching everything you need to know regarding the forex market. From the very basics to our exact strategies that we use and have done successfully for many years.

Our support is what we are most proud of. This is what we believe is key for all traders to have access to. Our support is personal to you, along with this we have a community for all our Aspiring Vertex traders to discuss trades, analysis and generally support each other to bring the best out of you. 

Our course members get access to a bi-weekly call with our mentors to discuss relevant topics and answer your questions live.

Receive alerts straight to your phone via Discord when our Head traders share their Potential trades and points of interest into the channel for you to use following our strategy.


If your hesitant to join our main community,

Click the link below to Join our free telegram channel! 

Here you will receive free trade ideas, free educational content and much more. 


Join our rapidly growing community of traders. 

Learn the skill that can pay a lifetime directly from our Head Traders. 

Get access to our traders for full personalised support, tailored to suit your needs. Our support is unheard of in the forex industry and our overall focus is YOU!


With our course package, you also get access and the ability to follow and learn from our head traders as they share their points of interest to the discord for you to utilize.




A* Traders/Teachers.
Two great lads with top notch strategies. Backed up with a helpful community and a good vision of what they want to achieve. It's open and honest but the best part is they actually want you to succeed and grow with them.
I'm pleased I've joined. Try the free signals group and the other free content see for yourself.
May Vertex Investing have a bright future!

DH - Review Via Trustpilot

The best decision I've made by joining Ben and Tanz at Vertex Investing had the course 4 days and the knowledge in forex I've gained is unreal definitely recommend to anyone thinking of getting into forex spoke to many people about this till I come across Ben he helped me from the start before the course was released anytime your stuck with anything the support is amazing. I feel the price of £500 I think is a bargain course of a lifetime well done lads

Toonie - Via Trustpilot



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