Live Bootcamp

The Vertex Bootcamp is a 2-day live training where we will teach the entirety of our strategy and how to apply our methodology





We will show you how to maximize your risk to reward massively. With 1:10rr being your MINIMUM



QnA will be held the following week to answer any of your queries



Our aftercare is second to none. You will have full access to our mentors and our community group with like-minded individuals.

You will learn our facts based approach to the market.

Risk to Reward

We have tried and tested several approaches to the market. In all honesty, they all work. However, the difference is the risk to reward. 

We look to maximise this, which means: Less time in the markets which in turn will prevent greed. We will show you how to effectively trade the markets and become efficient. We trade for our time. We don't want to become full-time traders and leave our jobs to simply sitting at the charts 9-5 to find trades. We will show you how you can secure a 10r minimum in a few hours or less and get on with your day. The possibilities are endless. 

Our aftercare is what we are proud of. Our support doesn't stop at the Bootcamp. You will have personalised support from our mentors. When we say personalised, I mean it. We reply to all your queries within our discord community. You won't be forgotten and that is what we stand by. We started Vertex to give an opportunity to new traders and unlock potential. Just like we have. 

You are learning from real traders and will be joining the most supportive community you can ask for as a trader. We don't feel there is any other community out there that provides the support that we do at Vertex.


Feel free to check out our Trustpilot to hear what our students have to say! 


After the initial bootcamp stage you will be invited to join our community under our trade membership package.

Forex Basics course

Smart Money Concepts course

Community access

Mindset and Psychology Content

Support From Mentors

Trade Breakdowns and Analysis

Feel Free to go over and check it out!