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Join Our Mentorship Program to kick start your trading career the right way!

Suitable for all experience levels including absolute beginners. More information down below

Vertex Discord Server


Receive support from our mentors on a personal level within our community.

At Vertex we pride ourselves on our after care.

We try to make all our community members feel welcome and make your trading journey as simple as possible.


Join a community of like minded individuals where you may make friends for life.

Our community is supportive and friendly. We do not tolerate negative behaviour or attitude in order to stimulate a positive learning environment.

We do believe having a group of people with the same goal communicating really helps with motivation



Receive our trade breakdowns, analysis and reviews.

Our mentors provide breakdowns and updates on all of their trades as well as areas of interest prior to trades commencing.

All of our winning and losing trades are broken down in video format so that you can understand the logic behind our trading thoughts.

Live Calls

Gain access to our trading calls once a month.

Within these you will be able to ask questions live and receive feedback the very moment you ask.

Alternatively you are free to ask questions before the calls and have them answered within the call.

Smart Money Concepts

Gain Access to our Smart money concepts course and learn how we achieve 1:10 Risk Reward as a minimum.

This is our unique and rule based take on Smart Money Concepts.

Mechanical Trading extras

If Smart Money Concepts aren't for you or you don't have a lot of time to look a the charts, don't worry!

Our mechanical strategies will be the perfect fit for you.

Psychology & Motivation

At Vertex we cover every aspect of trading. This includes psychology and mindset training.

Arguably the most important yet overlooked aspect.

Smart Money Concept

  • What is an Order Block

  • How to Refine Order Blocks

  • Imbalance/Inefficiency

  • Highs and Lows

  • Break Of Structure

  • 2 step rule

  • Liquidity

  • Introduction To Entries

  • Risk Entries

  • Confirmation entries

  • Trade Management

  • Complexities

  • Order Flow

  • Intent and Reluctance

  • BOS vs LG

  • Confluences

  • POIs

  • Invalidation

Mechanical Trading Strategies

Gain Access to our Mechanical trading strategies. We understand smart money concept may not be for everyone but with these strategies you will have no problem hitting high risk reward trades!

Dax Gap Theory

Engulfing Bar Strategy

Price action rule

Vertex EMA Strategy

Psychology and Motivation

At Vertex we never neglect the details

Upon joining or community you will also receive our daily psychology and motivation content to help you with your trading mindset.

Learn to control your emotions. Learn to be bulletproof.

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