How do I join Vertex?


Simply select your desired option from the site and make your payment. You’ll then receive an email with all the required details to join.


What is the difference between our options?


Trade Membership - Our most popular option, this includes full access to our core and intuition content, as well as full access to the mentors and our mentorship community. With dedicated support channels and our mentor ticket system, any questions or doubts you have will be quickly resolved!


Bootcamp - Our bootcamp includes live teaching of our content over a two day period via zoom, plus full access to our mentorship discord, and all the perks that come with it. This is perfect for those who prefer to be taught live.


Course Program - Billed on a monthly rolling basis, the course program gives you full access to our content. This option is perfect for those who prefer independent learning. You can stay as long as you wish (billed on a monthly basis), and are free to upgrade to our mentorship/bootcamp whenever you wish!

We have two separate discord servers at Vertex, one for our mentorship/bootcamp students, and one for our course only program.


How long will it take to see results?


This answer is highly subjective as it varies on the characteristics of the individual (time spent studying, previous experience etc), but the entire framework for success sits within our content. We’ve had students achieving great results within just a couple of weeks, it largely depends on you as an individual, how quickly you become comfortable with the concepts, and your previous experience.


How do I know if Vertex is right for me?


We encourage every student to do thorough research before joining. Browse our Instagram, Youtube and free Telegram, and see if you feel the content excites/inspires you to learn and develop. We are contactable through the website or Instagram, so if you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll see if Vertex is the right fit for you!